Top Natural Male Enhancement Pills and Supplements

This article for those, who want a bigger penis and stronger erection. It’s no surprise that manufacturing and marketing brands come up with new and new offers designed to deliver a solution to this category of customers. Actually, this is a multi-million industry that grows steadily.

The most astute individuals tend to accept all the related claims with a grain of salt trying to find out whether the proposed male enhancement products really work or are just a fraud. Let’s delve into the subject to better understand if you can really get a bigger male organ using one of those widely advertised approaches.

While the vast majority of men have an absolutely adequate penis size, which corresponds with that of other male individuals, male enhancement is in high demand today. To play up to this broad consumer market, manufacturers offer such products as stretching devices, creams and sex enhancement pills for men. Penis surgery is another specific approach that some people are willing to choose.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills and Creams?

These products are designed to affect through bio-chemical mechanisms. The pills are supplements rich in a variety of vitamins, nutrients, herbal extracts and sometimes hormones, all of which aim to improve the hormone levels and the condition of blood vessels in a natural way. Creams serve for the same purpose. Rubbed locally, they penetrate through the penis’s skin to boost blood circulation. While generally healthy, both types of remedies can hardly bring a permanent gain.

4 Best male enhancement pills on the market this year

Some men would like to boost their performance in bed. Some of them proceed to the next stage, namely looking around in search of an efficient and safe remedy. The truth is that pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers work hard to meet customer demand. Some prescription male sexual enhancement supplements show really good and consistent results. One big drawback is that the effect often comes along with negative body reactions and numerous risks, from common dizziness to cardiac problems and depleted hearing and/or vision.

As it is quite natural for men to look for better sex, there is a need for innovative solutions, which are both effective and safe at the same time. This is why we have numerous dick enhancement pills on the market today. The main point to keep in mind here is that only 100% natural male enhancement pills deserve your attention. This is because their enhanced safety level constitutes a major advantage over all other categories of drugs and supplements offered for the same purpose.

Male Extra

Based on potent natural ingredients, the pills under discussion boast results originating from traditional medicine and revive old and well-known herbal substances used since ages in many cultures of the world. Effectiveness of many topical ingredients has been proven by modern studies so nobody questions it today.

If you are about to set off for the search of a suitable tablet too, it is advisable to get informed of basic information first rather than experiment on your own body right away. This is where the following review of top 4 male enhancement pills can be helpful. The methodology used involves comparative analysis of ingredients that each product contains, its price, the manufacturer’s claims and feedback from real customers. Based on the findings, a rating was calculated on a scale from one to five. Running a bit ahead of the story, let us state that the impotence treatment rate was up to 90% for the products presented below. This means this method really works.

This category of male enhancements is designed not only to help people get rid of poor sexual performance but also to improve their general health. This is a ‘side effect’ of vitamins and nutrients included in formulas of leading products. Better wellbeing, in turn, further boosts erections and allows having a longer intercourse and more pleasure in bed.

Now, it’s time to introduce the best-performing male enhancement pills that work available on the market today.


What did Dr. Dave David — practicing doctor, medical commentator on CNN and former faculty member at Harvard University tell about ProSolution:


This is another male enhancement product worth being included into our top list. The pills are continuously growing in popularity because taking them can really deliver the desired effect.

The manufacturer is Leading Edge Health, a USA-based corporation boasting high reputation in the field of producing and delivering male enhancement pills that meet the highest international standards applicable to this industry.

The formulation is based on trustworthy ingredients with a proven track record of effectiveness. It has been designed to treat such common disorders as erectile dysfunction, poor sexual satisfaction and low endurance. The effect is based on leveraging testosterone levels boosting and blood circulation promotion mechanisms. Better blood supply to the penile cavernose chambers is just what a man needs to have sustainable and hard erections.


  • Only herbal and proven ingredients
  • Guaranteed results
  • Eliminates premature ejaculations and gives a user full control over his ejaculations
  • Stronger and longer erections
  • Brighter orgasms
  • Better satisfaction from sex
  • Boosts sex drive and libido


  • For some ingredients, the potency is not given
  • Some users report allergic reactions

A general recommendation is to take one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening with meals. Following this kind of pattern will ensure the optimum results. Avoid combining the product with certain medications; so seek medical advice if necessary.

While ProSolution Plus is offered on multiple online stores, you will be better off buying it directly from the manufacturer to avoid fraud. Visit the official website to check its affordable prices.

The main thing to remember when browsing through a great variety of male emhancement options is that it is better to adhere to the most trustworthy brands and their flagship products. Upon reading the above review and learning the basics, feel free to conduct your own research to find out what suits you best. The described pills collect new and new praises every day so chances are the gap between the leaders and the rest of competitors will only increase with time.

Male Extra

According to the manufacturer, the pills are able to promote harder and more durable erections, deliver brighter orgsms and, consequently, increase pleasure experienced by the partners involved. This topical product is marketed by Wolfsonberg Limited, a trustworthy manufacturer, and can boast of steady demand gowth since 2009.

The above benefits are made possible due to a blood flow boosting mechanism that the formulation is built around. Specifically, the erogenous areas are affected. The list of active ingredients provided on the product label includes L-Arginine. This amino acid is famous for its beneficial effects when it comes to health of the cardiovascular and sexual systems.


  • The formula is based on a scientifically proven active agent
  • You can get noticeable results already within several weeks of taking the pills
  • Good customer support on the official website
  • Free shipping worldwide with 60-day money back guarantee
  • Improvement of general wellbeing


  • A relatively high price
  • Limted shipping options

When taking Male Extra, you should follow the brand’s instruction to get an ultimate effect and minimize risks. The best benefits can be achieved with 3 pills male enhancement pills a day.

The company’s official website is the only store where you can buy this supplement. Don’t waste your time trying to find it on Amazon or elsewhere. This inconvenience comes with an extra advantage though: you may always rest assured that what you get is a genuine product indeed. This makes frauds impossible.

As for packages and prices, three different options are offered: for 1-month, 4-month and 6-month courses.

For 1-month package, which contains 90 pills, you will have to pay $76.99. Four bottles form a 4-month package. It is sold at $197.95, which means that you actually pay for three bottles only and get one more for free. The same principle applies to the 6-month package, which consists of 6 bottles mentioned above. In this case, you pay $249.90, which is equivalent to 4 bottles, to get two more for free.

VigRX Plus

Available since 2001 and one of the best selling best male enhancement supplement, this product deservedly holds its position in the top. There are several reasons worth mentioning.

The product’s first and foremost advantage over competitors is that it takes only a short period of time to see the first noticeable results. Many renowned topical supplements fail to deliver this kind of efficiency. On the other hand, the pills are suitable for prolonged use.

Also, many people will probably appreciate an extensive bonus suite associated with this product. To know more, read details on the official website.

Another catching aspect is plenty of positive reviews from people who have already tried this option out and regained pleasure of the bright sex life. Based on comprehensive analysis of all available evidence, VigRX Plus is probably the best male enhancement solution without side effects, that you can find on the market today.
The product is actually an advanced version of male pills introduced as far back as in 2002. The manufacturer invested a lot of time and efforts to upgrade the initial product using the latest scientific and technological achievements. As a result, an optimized formula was presented in 2006 to stand the test of time. Reportedly, over six million customers have already benefited from the formulation. Amazingly, but popularity of this remedy has been steadily growing with time so you should not underestimate this proven option.

The formulation is based on a number of well-known natural ingredients approved by modern laboratory and clinical tests. Gingko Biloba holds the first position on the list that you can find on the product label.


  • Both penis length and girth are increased during erections
  • Harder erections
  • More durable erections
  • More vivid orgasms
  • Better sexual satisfaction
  • Better ejaculation control
  • Access to a bonus program online


  • A quite high price
  • Headaches and more severe body reactions have been reported by some users

In contrast to  previous items on our top list, this product is available on Amazon, E-Bay and other marketplaces on the Internet. Nevertheless, to avoid fraud and ensure you get an original product, it is recommended to order it from the manufacturer’s official website. There, a 1-month VigRX Plus package is offered at $76.99. Please notice that $19.99 of shipping costs will apply. To save some money, consider buying a bulk lot.

While the price is a bit too high as compared to some competitors, don’t disregard this remedy if you want to have a guaranteed result.


This herbal male enhancement supplement boasts high reputation due to proven results it provides. There are many customer reports out there which report positive dynamics in a user’s sex performance after taking this pill. The minimum course duration to see the desired effect is about three weeks.

Extenze deserves our attention because it is natural, features a well-thought, balanced formula and boasts a proven track record. Once chosen this option, you can expect to get rid of such common problems as low libido, poor erection, premature ejaculation and other sex performance issues.

The secret behind this high effectiveness is a strong formula built around natural active agents tested scientifically multiple times. Yohimbe is certainly the leader of the list. This plant has been known for ages for its capacity to promote blood supply to the genital area, which obviously is a mandatory condition when it comes to achieving a hard and sustainable erection.

Nutraceuticals, a California-based manufacturer and one of the industry’s leaders, has secured meeting the highest standards applicable to this kind of products. While FDA certification is not required in this case, Extenze goes beyond the body’s criteria too. Due to a smart combination of diversified natural ingredients, you can also expect a beneficial effect on your general wellbeeing.


  • The effect can be seen soon enough
  • Guaranteed results
  • Only natural and well known ingredients are used
  • The efficiency has been proven by studies
  • A general healthy effect in the form of boosting the immune system
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide


  • Results are highly individual
  • A rather high price (which is justified by the results though)

Extenze is available not only in the form of pills but also in the liquid form. Choose which one you prefer and follow taking instructions provided on the product label. A typical dose is 1 pill or 1 bottle per day.

This supplement is available from the company’s official website. Also, you can find numerous reviews from satisfied customers there. To summarize, this is certainly one of the best male enhancement products on the market today.

Penis Extenders for Natural Male Enhancement without Pills

This product category uses a method based on physical penis extension by applying a traction force for a prolonged period of time. The underlying concept is to make penile tissues grow mostly in the direction of the applied force. For this end, an extender or a weight is connected to the flaccid penis and worn for about 2-3 months.

There is certain evidence accumulated from studies involving a number of penis traction products. According to researchers, the approach can really ensure penis enlargement by 0.5 to 1 inch. To achieve the result, study participants had to wear the devices for up to six hours daily. Notice that only the length, not the girth, is affected.

While the findings are promising, the data obtained are not comprehensive evidence. For example, some patients report that the penis shrinks gradually and eventually returns to its original size within several weeks after the use of the device is terminated. This phenomenon has not been investigated in any available studies. Similarly, safety aspects require additional research too. This is why Urology Care Foundation, an official body, does not currently approve wide use of this approach.

Male Enhancement Vacuum Pump

While these products act physically too, they use an absolutely different mechanism. A vacuum pump is just a glass bulb and a pump. The bulb covers the penis, then the pump is activated to create vacuum. As a result, the blood flow to cavernous tissues increases and the erection occurs. Medical specialists believe that such a product can treat erectile dysfunction or impotence. Still, there is no evidence that it can affect the penis size too.

Penis surgery

This is the only penis enhancement approach with proven results. Additionally, the outcome is quite predictable. There are actually two different methods that surgeons use to increase the organ measurements.

The first penile augmentation option is based on injecting a certain amount of fat cells under the penile skin. The manipulation allows to increase the girth, the effect that none of the abovementioned methods can offer. High risks are a major drawback. Swelling and penis distortion are the side effects to watch out for. Not only the penis look is at stake though. In case of severe inflammation, removal of the organ can be the only solution.

An alternative penis augmentation method consists in taking fat cells from another part of a patient’s body and grafting them onto the male organ. Less invasive, this procedure is safer than the previous one. As a result, you can expect the gain of about an extra inch. The main drawback is that 20% to 80% of the added volume will be lost within a year. As such, patients may want to repeat the manipulation multiple times to maintain the desired measurements. Obviously, this increases risks multifold.

Such reputable topical bodies as the American Urological Association and Urology Care Foundation adhere to the position that surgical penile augmentation methods are both unsafe and ineffective.

The other approach to penis enhancement surgery is based on releasing the suspensory ligament, which keeps the penis attached to the body in the pubic area. The ligament plays an important role during erections. Cutting it (which is actually what a surgeon does) results in the penis angle change, which makes the organ look a bit longer.

Obviously, this surgical procedure does not affect the actual length of the penis but just its apparent size. The gain can reach 0.5 to 1 inch in the flaccid state. The drawback is that the lack of penis support during erections makes penetration a not so easy task, so satisfaction of both partners may suffer.

Price on Male Enhancement Pills

76.99 $



Price standard package

  • Fast results in 30 days
  • 17 years on the market
  • 67 days money back
  • + 2-4 inches results
  • Approved by Dr. Steven Lamm
64.95 $

Male Extra


Price for standard package

  • First results in 45 days
  • No side effects
  • + 2.6 inches
  • 60 days money back
59.95 $



Price standard package

  • Complex Pills+Gel
  • No enlargement, only enhancement
  • Proved by Dr. Karen F. Vieira, PhD, MSM
  • 67 days money back
49.95 $



Price for standard package

  • Free bonus products
  • 100% original product
  • 67 days money back guarantee
  • Additional discounts

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